Music & Sound Design

App by Thomas Altmanninger
„Mamado“ is an award winning app, spezialised for the needs of young mothers and women after birth. I had the pleasure to create music and sounddesign for the app and a short imagevideo.
The Song is a mixture of techno influenced fitness music with modern trap and DnB elements. It starts sounding like a chore, working itself into a brighter future, where all difficulties in life seem like a small distractions from your chosen path.

Sound Design / Mixing

Shortmovie by Angelika Bräuml
Paparazzo is a movie about relationships, intrigues, and social media. Tom, a guy who runs a social media fansite, meets his biggest idol, Rebekka, an athlete.
I was involved in post production and did the mixing and sound design. For more information click the pictures to get to the official facebook page. The movie premiered on the 9th of May at Schikaneder, in Vienna.

Sound Design and Video Editing

Sound Design for a job application
There was a job opening at Radium Audio in January this year. For the application I created a fictional movie trailer. I took parts of two upcoming movies and edited scenes together to create a new trailer. Then I took the video and made the whole sound layer from scratch using field recordings, self-programmed sounds, and foleys from a mechanical soundlibrary provided by radium audio.
This is a not-for profit sound design promotion video. It is not authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by anyone. It´s purpose is solely for job applications to promote sound design by defrain. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.

Sound Design

SFX for an AI based Click&Breed Game
Mutate & Escape is based on an artificial neuronal network, or digital brain. The player is given a number of bacteria, each having its own digital brain. The AI tries to overcome a dangerous obstacle course and learns how to jump, run and not dying by themselves. The player chooses the strongest and most intelligent bacteria to cross breeding, so a new generation of more intelligent bacteria can try to beat the course until they finally escape from the lab!

Music & Sound Design

SFX & Soundtrack for a 3D Action Game
I had the pleasure to work on a computer game called „Glow“ by Impetus Games the past couple of weeks.
It was released on the 14th of October on steam. Here is the videotrailer, enjoy… Site of Glow
Impetus Games Homepage



Music & Sound Design

Webtrailer for a short movie festival
Instant36 is a shortmovie contest and festival in Salzburg. I was responsible for the complete audio production of the spot. I created three short music clips in different genres, sound effects and the foley production. It was very challenging to come up with all these different elements the production team wanted and put it into one spot. The spot was screened at the Instant36 movie festival 2016 and found its permanent home here Instant36 Homepage.
I want to thank the crew, especially Fabian Uitz, who played a big part in the visual component of the spot.



Didgeridoo VS. EDM
I started a new music project this year. It is called „Yidak“ and it is about trying to reach a fusion between the sound of the first music instruments and the modern sound of digital electronics. I will try to make more tracks, until I have enough for a live performance. You can listen to the first two tracks here…


Video- & Soundediting/Postproduction

Videodocumentation of the audiovisual live-performance project „Di-A-Log“
To document the project, I edited some videos of our last performance at Schmiede Hallein.
You can read more about the project down below, or visit our facebook page…

facebook_button.gifDi-A-Log Facebook Site

Part 1 & 2 & 3

Part 4 & 5



Installation of our custom made instruments from the audiovisual live-performance project „Di-A-Log“
In autumn 2015 I took part in an Exhibition at the Kunstraum Pro Arte Gallery in Hallein, Austria. We presented our visual and auditiv instruments from project „Di-A-Log“. It was an interactive installation, which enabled the visitors to play and make sound with the instruments and also create visual images in our aquarium of colour. I took some photos, have a look…


Music/Sound Design

A web commercial for a print shop. The concept and the video production was done by a colleague of mine. For the auditive part he asked me if I wanted to contribute to the project. The visual design is not finished, and it is not the final version of the spot. Much love to the crew, and a big THX to the producer.


logo_abgabeAudiovisual performance „Dialog“ by Andreas Gröstlinger & Sebastian Kargl
Project „Dialog“ is about analogue and digital music- and visualproduction. To get a broad perspective of the past and the future of auditive and visual forms of expression, we created digital state of the art material and tried to reproduce certain elements with analogue gear and techniques. With a focus on using a variety of methods, by modifying and building customized musical instruments and visual gear.

All these different elements were brought together in an audiovisual live-performance. Starting with the digital material the music and visuals guide you through multiple angles of electronic music and visual image making, while progressing to more and more analogue techniques , and ending in a stunning live-performance where musicians and visual artists play live on their instruments. On the basis of combining different media here are a few pictures of some musical instruments we created and used in the performance. For example a wavegenerator, a guitar/cello combo and a motorised metal-xylophone.


Fotoarchiv Projekt Dialog

The perfomance premiered at the „Long Night of Science“ in June 2012, at the university of applied science in Salzburg and was performed a second time at the producerfestival „Schmiede Hallein“ in September 2012.

LNDF & Rhizome Music Video



herzdameShortmovie „Herz Dame“ by Anne Bauchinger, Markus Lubej, Maximilian Widmaier & Sabine Hattinger
„HERZ DAME“ is about an old lady named Paula, whose everyday live consists of routine and loneliness. Social closeness and human relations have become foreign to her after the death of her husband. When Florian, a young actor who seeks accomodations after getting fired from his role in a tv-show, moves into her attic, her isolated existence changes and she gets confronted with new sentiments.


Facebookpage Herz Dame



The POV camera test was produced by Max Meissner. The video is a result of a cooperation between SnwoFront and SnowStoked. I supplied the soundtrack. It compares footage shot with four different effect cameras. The cameras tested are CamOne, Contour, GoPro and Wingman.
Auftraggeber: SnowStoked
Format: 1920 x 1080 24p, 16:9, 5.02 min
Konzept, Planung, Kamera, Postproduktion: © Max Meissner B.A.
Kamera: © Max Meissner B.A.
Musik: Defrain – Looking for my Mojo

Sound Design

Shortmovie „Plain Folly“ by Anne Bauchinger & Maximilian Widmaier
„Plain Folly – Heller Wahnsinn“ is a magical, peculiar story about two old men, who meet each other through their insanity in an asylum for mentaly ill. Pete and Joe are completely controversial characters. Pete tries to rule the world with his tin soldiers, Joe

wants to make the world a better place. Pete, who believes he is Constantine the Great, soon focuses his warlust on the peaceloving giver. But Joe is not alone. His imaginative Friend Steve is always on his side. A touching story about ordinary madness and crazy friendships.


Sound Design

ausquartiert_presse_bildDocumentary movie „Ausquartiert“ by Andrea Amenitsch & Daniel Hollerweger
„Asylum Seeking Rowdys must leave“ were the headlines. In 2008 three cechnyan asylum seeking families were transported out of Carinthia, at the order of the head of the state at the time, Jörg Haider. The alligation is against the sons of the families, and says that they participated in a brawl on Silvester. The families reassures their innocence, and that they had no participation in any brawl at all. Nevertheless the decision was set and they had to leave. The movie follows the deported families and their story for months and shows more insight into their escape, the integration process and a culture, that is not foreign afterall.

Kamera: Daniel Hollerweger
Ton: Andreas Gröstlinger
Produktion: Andrea Amenitsch
Förderungen: Land Salzburg, bm:ukk

Ausquartiert @ Filmriss/Cinema Next Festival


Projectmanagement/Music/Sound Design

Kunstkost PlakatMultimedia-Exhibition „Über:essen“
„No time to eat!“ – Does that sound familiar? In a society that defines the value of the individual by performance around the clock, there is no time to eat healthy food. Fast food and unhealthy snacks have become our daily prey. We eat too too much or skip whole meals if it doesn’t fit our schedule. How we eat has become a mirror of modern humans. Time is limited and spending it on eating seems to be a waste.


More information about the exhibition




Liquid Sculpture
A sculpture that transformes soundwaves into liquid sculptures. The Soundwaves come from a Synthesizer Patch in Reaktor, which can be controlled via Nintendo Wii Controller. The audible product is converted into the liquid medium through two monitor speakers directly under the water surface. Through playing with the synthesizer you are able to create patterns and temporary structures on the water surface. The object was exhibited in Salzburg and Vienna.


listen to more music on defrain’s soundcloud page…